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Does the rental include everything?


The rental price includes running expenses (electricity, gas and water "§")

- agency fees; 
- end-of-tenancy clean-up; 
- bed &/or bath linen; 
- heating or air-conditioning (if installed & used); 
- extra beds or cots;
- possible welcome for a pet - if permitted.

The cost of these is as follows:


 €30 per week

 €50 p.p. (Minimum - €200); €100 p.p. for groups of young



- studio: €30,°°
- 1 bedroom: €40,°°
- 2 bedrooms: €40,°°
- 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms: €60,°°
- 3 bedrooms: €70,°°
- 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms: €85,°°
- 4 bedrooms: €100,°°
- 5 bedrooms: €110,°° 


- 2-bedroomed: €60,°°
- 2-bedroomed + 2° bathroom: €60,°°
- 3-bedroomed: €80,°°
- 3-bedroomed + 2° bathroom: €90,°°
- 4-bedroomed: €100,°°

Cleaning fees are not definite, i.e. if the house is left (more or less !)as you found it, we will not be asking for supplements; however, if the house is left in a real state, we may well have to add on some extra !

Possible extras:

 €8 p.p. per change
 €6 p.p. per change
 €60 per stay
: €30 per stay
 as per meter readings
€25 per week if available and if used
* SMALL PET up to 20k:
 €40 per stay (disinfestation)
* LARGE PET over 20k:
 €60 per stay (disinfestation)

Animals over 25k in weight will not be accepted !

 Where permitted - must be requested at time of booking

Excess water consumption 
Due to the system used today for water usage (drinking water) we have had to review the usage by our clients. In the past, water cost €0,65 per cubic metre, now it has bounced up to €5,50 mc. Given the present state of the water tables, certain wastage of water whould obviously be avoided, both for the environment and for the cost. 

generous showers a day per person
, or using the washing-machine to wash 1 pair of a baby's pyjamas (it's happened !) is unjustifiable.

What will we find in the house?

 - Italian TV, 
 - a gas cooker with gas or electric oven; 
 - nearly all of them have a separate freezer compartment over the fridge. 

Where there is a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave or A/C it will be specified in the description. As will be specified the few houses that don't have a traditional oven.

Beds are supplied with
 - spring mattresses (rarely foam or latex), 
 - mattress cover, 
 - pillows and pillow covers plus counterpane 
 - A water-proof mattress-cover can be supplied on request. 

We try to supply a full inventory for a certain number or people staying in a certain property, by way of kitchen equipment, china and cutlery. 
However, we do not supply: 

Small electrical appliances, like hoovers, irons, whisks, coffee makers, etc. 

If you have space in the car, then it's no bad idea to bring your own coffee-machine and kettle with you and your own frying pan - they tend to get pretty maltreated during the summer months . . .

Parking space?

When we say "parking" in our descriptions it means space for a normal-sized utility car. If you happen to have a Land Rover or large station wagon there's a chance that the entrance to the parking space will be too narrow, or the parking space itself too small. 
If it's important that it should be off the road and you are considering travelling with an outsize vehicle, please check with us. Up till now there has been no problem about finding space in the road, somewhere close to your accommodation, still not to be paid for!

Can we rent for one week only?

We try to avoid taking one week bookings during August, specifically between 3/8 and 17/8. For a variety of reasons, but in practice we try to reduce the work load when at its maximum, both for the teams of cleaning personnel and for the receiving office. 

It is quite possible, as we get closer to August, that a free week will appear somewhere among our properties and in this case we are only too pleased to help you out.

Can we get the keys before 16.00?

It really depends entirely on how the place is left by the previous tenants (and if they leave when they should !). We will do our best, because it's in our own interests to settle a few families before the afternoon rush sets in, but our teams of cleaning people are not very flexible ! 

We would welcome a call from you the day before to check what the situation is, but we CANNOT accept clients before 10.30 - 11.00.

Can we leave the house after 9.00?

NO. Absolutely not, I'm afraid. The problems to be surmounted are too great.

How and when do we pay the breakages deposit?

On picking up your keys. In cash or by leaving us your credit card details. 

The minimum deposit is €200
 or €50 per person, (excluding infants under 18 months). 
For groups of young, the sum required is €100 p.p.

Is it feasible to come by train?

Yes, decidely, but not to all of our properties. 

MASSA CENTRO is our local station, with a good service to/from most parts of Italy. There's a fairly good bus service from the station to the centre of Marina di Massa which goes via the centre of Massa and then down Viale Roma, (or the opposite). So all the apartments close to Viale Roma are covered. 

Cinquale and Poveromo, unfortunately, are handicapped.

Can we have guests to stay that weren't included when booking?

Obviously you can have guests for meals, though perhaps not on a continuous basis. 

As far as sleeping is concerned, if the beds are there, there should be no difficulty, but in any case, you really must ASK first ! There are various problems with the police and the insurance that have to be covered.

Are animals accepted?

Some owners are glad enough to accept pets as guests. There are, however, rules that must be followed:

1. All animals must be insured
Dogs must not be left in the house or garden on their own
 We cannot promise that fencing will be dog-proof . . .
4. Gardens must not to be used as dog-WC
They are not allowed to sleep on beds or divans
6. Damage done by your pet must be reimbursed at the end of your stay, with no argument.

* Small pet (under 20 kilos): € 40 per stay (disinfestation)
* Large pet (under 20 kilos): € 60 per stay (disinfestation)

How much is the tourist tax and when is it due?

A tourist tax will be calculated and has to be paid for on arrival:

The accommodations in Marina di Massa, Ronchi and Poveromo have a tax of: 1,40€ per person per night.

For Cinquale the tax is 1,00€/person/night