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Forte dei Marmi

A seaside resort among the most popular Tyrrhenian ones, Forte dei Marmi is located around a jetty set up during the sixteenth century to ship the apuan marbles. Since 1788 this has been sheltered through an outpost which had been built by Leopoldo I and is still visible in the middle of Garibaldi Square. Just about every european noble but also diplomats, businness-men and managers, artists and V.I.P.s had their bautiful villas, protected by the greenery of the pinewoods, built in this zone. Moreover they chose its sandy beaches to spend their holidays and to relax themselves.

Exit motorway A12 Verislia


Marina di Massa 8km
Cinquale 3Km
Lucca 35 Km
Pisa 37 Km
Firenze 100 Km


During the last century Forte dei Marmi has become a famous tourist resort and its value is recognized all over the world: although a part of the original environment has been turned into enchanting gardens, kitchen gardens and luxuriant meadows sorrounding beautiful villas, the man-nature relationship has been kept intact. Nature even dominates man, whose often careless and abusing presence it reshapes. From Forte dei Marmi a tourist can rediscover many historical and cultural architectural evidences, enchanting villages situated on the numerous valleys or on the hills and enjoy the spell of the Apuan Alps.