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Tel +39 0585 868180

Definition of the properties:

VILLA: Independent property, with garden

VILLA/Apt: apartment in a building with maximum 4 units

APARTMENT: apartment in a building with more than 4 units

Check-in and Check-out

The properties are rented for a minimum of 4 nights (low season), but normally weekly, Saturday to Saturday (high season). 

August rentals have to be minimum 2 weeks:
- 29/7 - 12/8
- 5/8 - 19/8
- 12/8 - 26/8

If one week remains available it can be rented on its own.

Keys will be available in the office from 16.00 till 19.30 on arrival date. Sunday arrivals are acceptable between 10.00 and 12.00 o'clock. 

To avoid queues in the office a priority check-in can be organised by paying the balance in advance and letting us have credit card details for the breakages deposit. On arrival an envelope with keys, the payment-receipt and general information including a map to the property will be handed to you. You will be ready for your holidays!

On departure keys need to be handed back before 09.00 o'clock. 

Should you arrive a day later or leave a day earlier please tell us. 

No extras are charged for early arrivals but we need to know in advance - we can't guarantee the property to be ready early. 

- 20.00 - 21.00:  25€
- 21.00 - 23.00:  50€



In the rental price are included the running costs (gas/electricity/water).

- agency fees
- final cleaning
- bed- bathlinen
- heating or air conditioning (if available and used) 
- extra beds (if allowed)
- pets

Prices as follows:

- Agency fees:            €30 per week
- Breakages Deposit    €50 per person, minimum €200
         €100 per person for groups of young

- Final cleaning: 

- 1-room flat:                         €25,°°
- 1-bedroom flat:                    €30,°°
- 2-bedroom flat:                    €40,°°
- 2-bedrooms + 2 baths:         €50,°°
- 3-bedroom:                         €65,°°
- 3-bedrooms + 2 baths:         €75,°°
- 4-bedrooms:                        €85,°°
- 5-bedrooms:                      €100,°°

- 2-bedroom:                         €50,°°
- 2-bedroom + 2 baths:          €60,°°
- 3-bedroom + 2 baths:          €80,°°
- 4-bedrooms:                      €100,°°

These final clean-up prices are not 'definitiv': kitchen-corner and bathrooms are the clients responsability. If the house is left more or less as you found it, there will be no extra charge.

Access internet      €25 per week (max 100MB/day)
Bedlinen:              8 per person per change
Bathlinen:             €6 per person per change
* Extra bed:          €50 per stay
* Cot:                   €30 per stay
* Highchair:          €15 per stay
Heating:               as per metre readings (1,00/sqm)
Air conditioning     25 per week (if installed)
* Pet under 20kg   40 per stay (for disinfestation)
* Pet over 20kg     60 per stay (for disinfestation)

* where allowed, to be notified when making your booking.

Drinking water is a big problem in this country: there is not enough available and the price is sky-high. Extreme usage is therefore unacceptable.
We count on your common sense !

Stars are given to the property itself, not for the distance to the beach. The price of a one star property near the sea could have the same price as another property with 3 or 4 stars but further from the beach.

- Typical holiday accommodation, functional and equipped with the necessary. For the tourist for whom the price is more important than luxury.

- Holiday property with more attention to furnishing and equipment. 

- For the more demanding tourist, where quality and comfort are a priority. A good choice for families with probably space for meals outside.

 - Particularly well-looked after property, attractive and comfortable, further attention given to equipment and outside spaces.

All villas are provided with
- (Italian) TV
- almost all have a freezer compartment over the fridge 
- all have hot and cold running water
- a gas cooker with a gas or electric oven (if otherwise stated)
- if there is a washing-machine, dishwasher, airconditioning, internet or microwave, it will be indicated.

Beds are provided with:
- spring mattresses (sometimes foam rubber or dunlopillo)
- mattress covers
- pillows with pillow covers
- counterpanes.
Blankets, duvets, and waterproof mattress protectors are not provided but can be requested.

We try to provide everything necessary for a given number of people in the way of kitchen and dining equipment. Small electrical appliances are NOT provided (hoover, coffeemachine, hairdryer, mixer).
Please ask if something important to you needs to be in the house.


1. we need a written request
2. you will receive a reply with an offer and an option of 3 days (time to make the confirmation payment).
3. We need copy of payment by mail or fax. 
4. After receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation of payment and the rental contract. 
5. Payment con be made by bank transfer or credit card. 
After 3 days the option expires automatically.
Payments are as follows:
30% to book
30% 6 weeks before arrival
Balance on arrival


50% to book
Balance on arrival 

Balance on arrival is payable with cash, debitcard or credit card. 
The breakages deposit can be left with cash or credit card number. 
A cancellation must reach us as soon as possibile !
The 30% confirmation payment will not be returned.
Payments over this first payment of 30% will be refunded as follows:
- 100% of anything paid over the first 30%: if cancelled before the 30th day before start of holiday.
- 50% of anything paid over the first 30%: if cancelled before the 15th day of holidays starting.
- 14th day or less, before start of holiday, will be considered as "no show" and the full amount is due.

You are therefore advised to look for a travel insurance to cover you in case of a cancellation.